Rory Wehrlie June 27, 2011

With every pair GROOBS Shoes purchased, 50% of the proceeds will be sent to the charity of your choice. AND, a pair will be given to someone in need.

GROOBS simply put, is a company that can give back to the community with the power of the consumer. GROOBS is a company built for and sustained by the socially attentive shopper. GROOBS believes that a successful business model going forward for most companies is a business that focuses on community involvement and assistance through the revenues of the goods and services they provide.

GROOBS Shoes was founded for one reason. “Compassion.” With every pair of GROOBS you purchase, you and GROOBS become partners. Partners in Compassion. For every pair of GROOBS you buy, GROOBS will give a new pair of GROOBS to someone in need with the help of the shoe charity  In addition to sending a new pair of shoes to a needy individual, you will also get to pick a charity of YOUR CHOICE to send 50% of the proceeds to your chosen charity.  Buy One Give One and 50% of the proceeds to the charity of your choice.


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