CellarThief Wine

Rory Wehrlie July 8, 2011
CellarThief Wine

CellarThief is a small group of passionate folks who love fermented grape juice.  And they know they’re lucky to be able to drink great wines from passionate winemakers.

There are nearly a billion people in the world that struggle to find enough clean water to simply keep themselves healthy – that is 1 in 8 people. In fact, 42,000 people die every week from a lack of clean, safe water, with 90% of those deaths being children 5 years old or younger.

CellarThief decided to walk the talk and do our own small part to make a difference. We have partnered with some wonderful people who are dedicating their lives to providing access to clean water for people worldwide.  So, for every bottle of wine CellarThief sells, they donate water so good folks around the world can have the benefit of clean water.

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