Shop With Meaning July Summer Sale

Rory Wehrlie July 25, 2011

July 27th through July 31st only, use promo code @ShopWithMeaning when you make a purchase at any one of our participating partners and save an additional 10% off your purchase **PLUS** your charitable contribution is doubled or supplemented with an additional donation!!

4Sight Sunglasses is all about giving you a clear, tangible way to change the life of a person in need and the world. That’s why for every pair of 4sight sunglasses you buy, they give a new pair of corrective eyeglasses to a person in need.  During the Summer Sale promotion 4Sight will double its charitable contribution and you save 10%.




Blanket Statements was founded with this goal in mind: to provide physical warmth, spiritual comfort and love by means of sharing a blanket.  During the Summer Sale, you can purchase a beautifully crafted, snuggly warm throw blanket for yourself, with the added bonus of TWO additional blankets being delivered to a women’s shelter in your name; plus save 10%.




Give to Get Jobs is a job board exclusively for for-profit jobs with a social mission, mainly Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Enterprise jobs.   During the Summer Sale, save 10% and Give To Get Jobs will donate 100% of proceeds.




Hendrick Boards seeks to showcase and build the culture and lifestyle that skateboarding inspires, while ensuring the protection of the environment and helping to safeguard the welfare of pets and animals through each purchase in its “Boards for Barks” line.  Purchase the “im a rescue” bracelet and Hendrick Boards will double the donation to local and national animal shelters as well as offer 10% off.




Moral Fibers gives artists in the developing world the opportunity to pull themselves and their communities out of poverty. With the purchase of each shirt, 15% of revenues go directly to the artist, and 10% of our profits are donated to a humanitarian cause close to the artist’s heart.   During the Summer Sale, Moral Fibers will double its charitable contribution and you save 10%.




Life Equals is a company founded on the convergence of two beliefs that form a simple but profound idea: a better you creates a better world. Or, in other words, LIFE=LIFE.  During the Summer SaleSave an additional 10% off your purchase **PLUS** with every purchase, Life Equals will donate twice the amount of children’s multivitamins to undernourished children in the Shop With Meaning July Summer Sale.




The heart of Give Prints is to help people send love to others through the purchasing of photographs.  GivePrints already donates 50% from the sale of its beautiful photos to non-profits, during the Summer Sale, it will offer 10% off and donate a 8×10 print to our CHOC charity.




ReadGive combines your passion for reading with your passion for giving. Because caring for your charity is caring for the future.  Buy a magazine subscription from ReadGive during the Summer Sale and ReadGive will donate 50% of the purchase to a charity of your choice.






Roma Boots sells boots to the fortunate and gives boots to the less fortunate through a “one for one” concept.  During the Shop With Meaning Summer Sale, for every pair of Roma Boots sold, they’ll give a TWO pairs to a children in need and they’ll take 20% off your purchase price.




TanQ designs one t-shirt each month for a different non-profit. Not only do you get a cool looking tee, you’re showing everyone the things that are important to you. All tees are limited so once they’re gone they’re.. well gone. During the Summer Sale promotion TanQ will double its charitable contribution and you save 10%.





Vitamma was founded on the premise that by maintaining your own health you can enhance that of children around the world. With this in mind Vitamma is able to treat three children, with two years’ worth of vitamin A for each product they sell through  During the Summer Sale, Vitamma will double its contribution, that means 6 children will receive 2 years of Vitamin A.



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