Warby Parker Glasses Reviews and Opinions

Rory Wehrlie July 24, 2011
Warby Parker Glasses Reviews and Opinions

Reviews plus opinions from around the web of prescription glasses and customer experience with prescription glasses manufacturer, Warby Parker.  Reviews of this one for one glasses company below.  Warby Parker sells boutique-quality prescription eyewear, glasses and sunglasses for $95 exclusively through its website, www.warbyparker.com, and donates a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need for every pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses sold – part of its buy one give one initiative.



Warby Parker will work with you in getting your prescription right.  You can have them contact your eye doctor, you have have the eye doctor send Warby Parker the info, or you can enter it yourself.  I decided to enter the info myself as I had already contacted my doctor about getting my prescription from them.  The process of entering the prescription wasn’t difficult at all.  The glasses arrive in less than 2 weeks (about 8 or 9 days after I placed my order).  They came with a nice case and a cloth.  Three plus weeks and I’m still loving them.  If you are in need of glasses and either don’t have baller insurance or are on a budget, I highly recommend you look into Warby Parker.



I hate to sound like a commercial spokesperson (though if you’re listening, Warby Parker, I’d kind of love to be one), but their customer service was so pleasant and I loved the glasses so much I had to write about them. For the first time in my life I can afford to own two pairs of proper glasses at once! My Huxleys should be on my face within 10 days…and I can’t promise I won’t want to gush about the company just a little more when they arrive.



I had read about Warby Parker and thought the deal sounded too good to be true – each and every pair of glasses was $95. These weren’t cheap-looking, flimsy glasses either…they looked hip and had available frames for a variety of face shapes. The website is super helpful in choosing frames, giving detailed measurements and allowing you to ‘virtually’ try on glasses after uploading a photo of yourself. If you’re still undecided, you can have 5 frames sent to you for free to try on…amazing! The selection is varied, but not too expansive, so it doesn’t take long to narrow down your selections. In the end, I was torn between 2 styles and bought both! Completed the transaction in their studio, and received the frames less then a week later.



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