No More Bedless Pets

Rory Wehrlie August 1, 2011
No More Bedless Pets

The Pet Bed company that cares! No More Bedless Pets is a buy one/give one pet supply company that donates a pet bed to an animal in need with every bed you purchase.

No More Bedless Pets believes that every pet deserves a home and a comfortable place to sleep, so it has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society’s No More Homeless Pets Network to provide homeless animals with a bed to sleep on.

With its Buy One/Give One campaign, for every pet bed purchased on a pet bed will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society’s No More Homeless Pets Coalition. Not only will your pet have sweet dreams, but you will be giving a pet waiting for adoption the gift of a good night’s rest. Enough to give you sweet dreams.

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