Socially Responsible Clothing from Sleevecandy – Wear Original. Do Good.

Rory Wehrlie August 24, 2011
Socially Responsible Clothing from Sleevecandy – Wear Original. Do Good.

Sleevecandy is a socially responsible clothing company that suppors worthy social causes through the sale of clothing.  Sleevecandy’s has cool tee shirt ideas and designs with a focus on social good.

Sleevecandy donates 30% of each sale to The Salvation Army’s adult rehabilitation programs which transforms the lives of adults suffering from drug and alcohol dependency through education, work therapy, and job training. It gives these people a second chance in life to restart and live a normal life.


Why buy Sleevecandy?

Aside from getting awesome shirts, there are other great reasons to buy Sleevecandy:

  • Uniqueness:  Each shirt is one-of-a-kind.  Once someone buys it, it’s gone. This means the shirt you buy is a shirt you can truly call your own.  Moreover, less than 3% of the shirts they pick through qualify as awesome enough to make it on the Sleevecandy site so you can be assured a great deal of tender loving care went into making your tee sweet!
  • Selection: Sleevecandy’s goal is to provide users with the widest selection of unique tees so you can find your perfect t-shirt.  In addition to cool graphic tees, vintage tees, and collector tees, Sleevecandy’s teams pick unique local tees that have never been mass-produced: Shirts that are “accidentally ironic”.  At Sleevecandy, they believe it’s that element of one-of-a-kind, accidental irony that makes a truly awesome t-shirt.
  • Social Good:    30% of every sale is donated to the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Programs.  These programs take in men and women, often homeless, who suffer from crippling drug and alcohol addiction and provide them with shelter, food and all other needs for a period of six months.  During this time, program members are given a chance to regain control of their lives through education, work therapy, and job training.
  • Environmental Good:  Did you know that producing a new t-shirt requires about 713 gallons of water from the cotton field to the store shelf? That’s equivalent to 100 showers for just one new tee. While we think the main reason to buy from us is how awesome your shirt will be, buying from Sleevcandy will make Mother Nature happier too.


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