Rory Wehrlie August 8, 2011

TWINS FOR PEACE’s mission is to create a product that is simple and elegant and at the same time cool and socially responsible. When you buy a pair of TWINS, you bring a bit more happiness to a child in a developing country. Fashion lets us express our personality. TWINS believes that the philosophy behind our shoes also shines through when they are worn. TWINS’ philosophy is about sharing: BE COOL, BE GOOD.TWINS’ goal is to make children’s lives happier. When you buy a pair of TWINS, you donate a pair to a child.


Each TWINS collection is associated with a Shoe Project that is established in partnership with an NGO in a developing country. Each time you wear your TWINS, you act as a TWINS Ambassador. The TWINS you bought have financed the donation of a second pair of shoes to a needy child. The second pair of shoes are produced in the Shoe Project’s country, as a way to stimulate its economy.

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