You and Who

Rory Wehrlie August 22, 2011
You and Who

You and Who sells t-shirts and other apparel, and for every item sold, donates a matching item to people in need through the organizations it works with across the United States.

You and Who looks for artists to design shirts that are based in the cities we have a presence in. By designing the shits, You and Who wants to give the artist: a) exposure to their work – each artist we work with has a bio on our website; b) the chance to make some money – artists will be paid $1 for every shirt with their design that is sold; and c) the opportunity to help their community, as every shirt with their design that is sold, the matching shirt will be donated to one of the organizations You and Who works with in the city they are from. For example, if someone buys a shirt designed by a Chicago artist, then a matching shirt with that design is donated to a Chicago organization.

Upon launching You and Who in September 2010, company founder Dan Gigante traveled to eight cities across the country — San Francisco, Austin, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Buffalo, Chicago and Philadelphia — to meet with the organizations we’d be donating to, as well as to solicit designs for shirts under the theme “New Beginnings.” Thirteen designs were chosen from artists in the eight cities mentioned above.


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