Krochet Kids International Bing Commercial Video

Rory Wehrlie September 22, 2011
Krochet Kids International Bing Commercial Video

Bing partnered with Krochet Kids International for a commercial that highlights the handmade, crochet hats made in Uganda.  Krochet Kids works with local Ugandan women to provide support to over 100 people go to their compound in Northern Uganda everyday to work and to rewrite their stories for the better.

Three guys set out on a mission to change the world through crocheting hats and founded the organization Krochet Kids. Through this organization, women in Uganda are taught how to crochet hats and ultimately provide an income for their families. Watch as these young men decided to use the art of crocheting to change the world, one hat at a time.


Read more about Krochet Kids International’s amazing story.




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