SoapBox Soap Saves Lives

Rory Wehrlie September 7, 2011
SoapBox Soap Saves Lives

Every time you buy a bar, a matching bar of soap is sent to a child in need. From homeless shelters in Washington, D.C. to South America, Africa, and Asia, SoapBox soaps travels around the world, helping children in need.


It’s not just any old soap that they send either. Their soap is antibacterial, heat and humidity resistant, and made to last on the long journey it takes from the United States to sites around the globe. 26,000 children under 5 die everyday from preventable diseases, reports the United Nations. Many of these illnesses could be prevented by simple hand washing techniques and a bar of antibacterial soap.
With a great cause, comes a great product. SoapBox soap is handmade, organic, luxurious and moisturizing. Big-brand soaps remove natural moisturizing agents in order to increase shelf life. SoapBox doesn’t stand for that. We include those natural, essential oils in our soap to leave your skin soft and healthy. Your skin will feel like it’s never felt before, and your support will change lives.


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