TOMS Shoes 2011 Fall Collection

Rory Wehrlie September 25, 2011
TOMS Shoes 2011 Fall Collection

Heading into the 20011 Fall season, TOMS Shoes released the newest collection of one for one shoes.  As with all TOMS shoes, the 2011 collection are part of TOMS Shoes social good one for one movement.

TOMS was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, inspired by a trip to Argentina where he saw extreme poverty and health conditions, as well as children walking without shoes. That’s when he recognized the traditional Argentine alpargata shoe as a simple, yet revolutionary solution. He quickly set out to reinvent the alpargata for the U.S. market with a simple goal: to show how together, we can create a better tomorrow by taking compassionate action today. Shop for Tom’s Shoes.

TOMS has inspired a number of one for one movement companies to follow in the TOMS Shoes one for one movement.  As of September 2010, TOMS Shoes has been able to donate over one million pairs of shoes to children in need as part of the TOMS one for one movement!



How to clean your TOMS Shoes

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