141 Eyewear – You Buy One, They Give One

Rory Wehrlie October 19, 2011
141 Eyewear – You Buy One, They Give One

Founded in 2009 by Kyle Yamaguchi and Shu-Chu Wu, 141 Eyewear is working towards its mission of making a difference to those in critical need of prescription eyewear around the globe as a buy one give one glasses company.  Yamaguchi and Wu used their combined experience and career knowledge to turn their passion to help into a reality.  They believe that something as simple as a pair of glasses has the power to change a person’s life and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

The foundation of 141 is simple: for every pair of 141 Eyewear purchased, they give a new pair of prescription glasses to a person in need – buy one give one eyeglasses.  In the words of Kyle and Shu Chu, “Every day, you make simple, critical choices. It’s just not every day that your simple choice can immediately change a person’s life. You buy, we give. 141.”

The 141 website offers an extensive selection of eyewear that allows visitors to make a difference without having to sacrifice style or quality.  As a socially responsible company, 141 also works with retailers throughout the world to assist in the buy one give one movement and provide consumers with easier access to 141 products.  Additionally the company began an initiative to partner with doctors and members of the community to hold clinics that offer free eye exams and provide new prescription glasses to those in need.  A great initiative from a great one for one company.

141 encourages people to get involved, not only by purchasing eyewear from them, but by also sharing the one for one eyewear concept with others, requesting that 141′s socially responsible products be carried in local optometry clinics and by volunteering to assist at upcoming 141 Eyewear Clinics.  The company has designed its business so that its customers are the benefactors whose purchases will ultimately change someone’s life.  You buy one, they give one – one for one glasses.


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