Free Movember Merchandise and Movember Promo Items

Rebecca Daneault October 27, 2011

Want to support the Movember movement and promote it?  Want to help raise awareness and have people asking, “What is Movember?” and more importantly, “How can I help?”  All you have to do is register as a member on the Movember website and you can order your own donation boxes to help collect for the cause as well as a free promotional pack that contains Movember posters, stickers and a wristband. Mo is for Movember.

Learn: What is Movember?

free movember merchandiseEvery year during the month of November, the global organization called “Movember” is responsible for the sudden growth of mustaches on thousands of men across the globe.  Others show their support by sporting unique Movember apparel or purchasing Movember merchandise from other companies who partner with the organization – all in an effort to make a difference in issues involving men’s health.  Mo Bros, and supportive Mo Sistas spend the entire month getting the word out about important issues such as prostate and other types of cancer that affect men all over the world with the ultimate goal of raising awareness and supporting education, survivorship and research.

If you want to support this important movement, simply register on the Movember website and pledge to either grow your own ‘stache or purchase and wear unique Movember apparel.  You can purchase anything from Movember shirts to hand-crafted hats to shoes to cookie cutters from the generous partner companies, who each pledge to donate some or all of the proceeds from their sales to Movember.  Through these items and the various promo materials available you can get others to ask What is Movember and let others know all about Movember and ultimately further the support of this incredible cause.

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