White Coca-Cola Cans Support Polar Bears and The World Wildlife Foundation

Rory Wehrlie October 31, 2011

White Coke Cans Support White Polar BearsCoca-Cola is set to announce white Coke cans in support of white polar bears and the World Wildlife Foundation or WWF.  The white Coca-Cola cans are part of a marketing campaign aimed at protecting white polar bears and polar bear habitats.

[Update: Coca-Cola announces $3 million dollar commitment.]

Coca Cola White Cans

Coke has made contributions to theWorld Wildlife Foundation or WWF over the past three years to help the group protect white polar bears and white polar bear habitats. White polar bears have become a staple in Coke’s advertising since 1993 and the white coca cola cans are the next phase in Coca-Cola’s cause related marketing efforts. Sometimes known as the Coca Cola Polar Bears.

According to Coca-Cola’s website, the white polar bears have a rich history at Coca-Cola. In 1922, the first coca cola polar bear print advertisement appeared in France and for the next 90 years, polar bears appeared sporadically in Coca-Cola’s advertising. It was in the 1993 animated commercial called ‘Northern Lights’ that really connected Coca-Cola to the white polar bears. The commercial, in which a family of white polar bears watch the aurora borealis and drink from bottles of Coca-Cola, took 12 weeks to produce and used state-of-the-art technology. There have been many white polar bear spots since, including two ads for the 1994 Olympic Games in which the white polar bear slid down a luge and soared off a ski jump. White polar bear cubs also were introduced in a holiday ad in which the white polar bear family selects its Christmas tree.

The New White Coke Can

Arctichome.com, a new Coca-Cola website, hints at the white polar bear Coke can campaign. The site features a picture of a white coca cola polar bear and reads: “Beginning this holiday season, the more we text, the more we can protect.”

White Coke Cans Support White Polar Bears

White Coke Cans Support White Polar Bears

White Coke Cans Support White Polar Bears


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