Blukicks – Protecting the Earth’s Oceans

Rory Wehrlie November 4, 2011
Blukicks – Protecting the Earth’s Oceans

Blukicks sells casual slip-on shoes with designs inspired by the creatures that call the earth’s oceans, lakes and rivers home. Blukicks are fun, happy, bold and bright.

The core mission of Blukicks’ brand has been to protect and raise awareness for the waters and habitats that have inspired its design. Blukicks support the blue environment through its Mission Blu program – a 3% donation with each sale.

A portion of all sales goes towards protecting the blue environment.

  • 3% of sales profits from its tropical fish inspired shoes (the Humu) will go to an organization that preserves the reef habitats in Hawaii.
  • 3% of profits from the whale shark shoes go to an organization that protects the habitats of sharks all over the world.


As Blukicks adds more designs and styles to its line, they’ll continue to partner with groups that are focused on protecting the habitats and environments of each fish that provides the inspiration for the Blukicks products.


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