Christmas Gift Ideas: Socially Responsible Christmas Gifts for the Holidays #ShopWithMeaning

Rory Wehrlie November 14, 2011

Socially Responsible Gifts – We’ve compiled the Best 2011 Holiday Gift Guide with Great Socially Responsible Companies and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas, good for everyone, including Men and Women.  This Holiday season, buy socially responsible gifts from companies that support worthy causes.  By giving a socially responsible gift, you are showing you care by giving a gift that keeps giving. Our socially responsible gift guide is the perfect place to start looking for a socially responsible gift.  Check out our great socially conscious gifts 2011 and socially responsible holiday gift ideas below.

TOMS Shoes offers great selection of One for One shoes that are sure to be a hit for everyone. Krochet Kids and 31 Bits offers unique, Fair Trade apparel and handmade jewelry from Uganda. All these christmas gifts support worthy social causes and are sure to make your friends and family smile. Give a gift that shows you care by shopping for a Socially Responsible Christmas gift this 2011 holiday season.  Plus, great secret santa gift ideas, like eco friendly apparel from Threads for Thought.

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2011 Christmas Gift Ideas Women: Christmas Gifts for Her

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link: more Socially Responsible Christmas Gift Ideas for him

2011 Christmas Gift Ideas Men: Socially Responsible Christmas Gifts for Him

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Details about these Socially Responsible Gift Ideas


  1. TOMS Shoes – Pink Herringbone Classic – $54 (Shop Online)
  2. Radiant Cosmetics – Moisturizing Lip Gloss – $14 (Shop Online)
  3. Krochet Kids – Love V-Neck – $22 (Shop Online)
  4. Sseko Designs – Teal Sandal – $47 (Shop Online)
  5. 31 Bits – 87 Cuff – $42 (Shop Online)


  1. WeWood – Date – $139 (Shop Online)
  2. TOMS Shoes – Red Plaid Classics – $54 (Shop Online)
  3. Collaborative World – Voyager – $24 (Shop Online)
  4. Threads for Thought – V-Neck Hooded Shirt – $47 (Shop Online)
  5. Warby Parker – Jasper – $95 (Shop Online)

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