Roma Boots Winter Rain Boots Collection

Rory Wehrlie November 5, 2011

Roma Boots is a hybrid company that combines business with charity by selling stylish rain boots and donating a pair of rain boots for every pair of boots sold. Roma Boots participates in the one for one business model with its one for one rain boots initiative.

Inspired by Blake Mycoskie TOMS Shoes one for one shoes movement, Roma Boots’ mission is to keep feet warm and dry by providing a comfortable, durable and practical pair of Roma Boots to every needy child living in cold and wet climates. The children that need these rain boots are mostly street children and orphans. Providing proper rain boots and footwear is the first step to helping this underserved population of children. Roma Boots’ broader plan is to empower these children to break out of the cycle of poverty by getting them back into the education system where they can learn to take care of themselves – starting with a simple pair of rain boots.


Roma Boots Winter Rain Boots Collection

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