Socially Responsible Jewelry and Gifts

Rory Wehrlie November 4, 2011

Looking for socially responsible and socially conscious gifts?  We’ve identified a number of socially conscious gifts, including socially responsible clothing, socially responsible jewelry and lots of other socially conscious gift ideas!

Socially Responsible Gifts Jewelry


Socially Conscious Clothing


Wear The Earth

  • Fashion Forward, Earth Friendly, Eco Friendly Fashion for the whole family.

Out of Print Clothing

  • Out of Print Clothing’s socially conscious apparel celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Their shirts feature iconic and often out of print book covers. Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are socially responsible striking works of art.

Sleeve Candy

  • Sleevecandy donates 30% of each sale to The Salvation Army’s adult rehabilitation programs which transforms the lives of adults suffering from drug and alcohol dependency through education, work therapy, and job training.



Socially Responsibly Jewelry , Gifts and Accessories

Made by Survivors

  • Beautiful fair trade jewelry items, handbags and gifts are made by survivors of slavery at shelters around the world, offering them sustainable income, dignity, and a bright future free of slavery

Gifts With Humanity

  • Gifts With Humanity sells handmade jewelry, plus socially responsible gifts and accessories.  What initially started as a small, socially responsible Fair Trade store, soon would changed the lives of all the artisans who work to make the handmade socially conscious gifts.

Freedom Stones

  • Freedom Stones beautiful, socially responsible jewelry decrease the instances of human trafficking in communities most vulnerable to this international crime.

Wonderfully Made

  • Wonderfully Mades jewelry helps today’s modern young women discover, strengthen, and reclaim their true value and worth.


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