Wash TOMS Shoes – How to Wash TOMS Shoes

Rory Wehrlie November 16, 2011

Washing TOMS Shoes to make your Shoes last longer should be done with a hand wash in cold water gentle detergent and let your TOMS Shoes air dry.  TOMS Shoes are great shoes and you want to make them last by washing them with care – do your best to keep clean TOMS.  Plus you’ll end up buying more shoes just because of TOMS Shoes great Buy One Give One movement! So how do you wash TOMS Shoes?

Thinking of washing your TOMS Shoes in the washer?  Might want to think twice… many TOMS Shoes fanatics have washed TOM Shoes in the washer with disastrous results!

The TOMS Shoes tells us how to wash TOMS Shoes: “We’ve found that washing machines tend to eat loose change, socks and gum wrappers. Save your TOMS from this sad fate! Hand wash them in cold water with a gentle detergent and let them air dry.”

How to wash TOMS Shoes in the washing machine:

  1. Remove any surface dirt with a brush. Before you wash your shoes, consider using a soft brush depending on the style of your TOMS Shoes.
  2. If you have shoe laces, you may want to place the shoes in a mesh laundry bag before you wash it to prevent the shoelaces from tangling during the wash. During the wash this will also keep soles of the shoes from marking the inside of the washer drum.
  3. Set the wash for a small wash cycle and add small amount of laundry detergent. **Add baking soda to the water may harm your TOMS Shoes**
  4. Start the washing machine and allow it to wash and agitate for several minutes.  Place your TOMS Shoes in the wash and allow to run the wash.    You may want to add some towels to limit the noise.
  5. Stop the wash before the spin cycle and pat with towels to remove excess water. Set your TOMS Shoes the sun to dry after the wash.

That’s how to wash toms shoes in the washing machine.



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