Artistic One for One Clothing from You and Who

Rebecca Daneault December 17, 2011
Artistic One for One Clothing from You and Who

You and Who is an organization dedicated to supporting artists and local charities through their one for one clothing initiative.  You and Who sells t-shirts and other apparel that is designed exclusively by artists who are based in various cities throughout the U.S.  They offer a unique one for one program through which they give back to the community by donating items in need to a number of worthy organizations, chosen by the artists themselves.

You and Who provides talented artists the opportunity to make some money, get recognition and exposure for their work and, most importantly, the chance to help out their own communities.  For each sale of a design, You and Who pays $1 to the artist who created it and also donates a matching shirt to someone in need.  Consumers can participate in this one for one clothing initiative by purchasing a unique and fashionable shirt or accessory from the website and by doing so, help a deserving charitable organization.

You and Who’s unique one for one clothing initiative provides the dual opportunity to help people in need and to support struggling artists and help them get their start in the industry.  Peruse the website and check out the variety of unique, fashion-forward designs and learn a little about each artist through their individual biographies.  With You and Who you can help make a difference in the lives of those in need while making a bold fashion statement.

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