Delicate Fortress Creations Offers Socially Responsible Gifts with a Purpose

Rebecca Daneault December 23, 2011
Delicate Fortress Creations Offers Socially Responsible Gifts with a Purpose

When you shop the clothing, jewelry and accessories at Delicate Fortress Creations you shop with a purpose.  The socially responsible company was created out of the desire of stay at home mom Karyn Puller to provide an online venue through which consumers could purchase items that truly make a difference in the lives of others.  DFC features products from over 30 different artisan groups who market their socially responsible gifts for the purpose of putting an end to human trafficking, poverty and modern day slavery.

The Delicate Fortress Creations website offers a huge variety of socially responsible items, from bags, jewelry, accessories and clothing to bath and body and household goods.  The site also offers the opportunity to shop by cause or artisan and features a convenient shopping guide designed specifically for men to help them choose the right socially responsible gifts for their loved ones.  Those curious about the artisans behind the beautifully designed merchandise can also learn more about them through the DFC website.  It’s a great way to purchase the everyday items you need while also making a positive impact on the world.

If you want to help support this important cause in other ways, DFC also offers the option of working with them for your fundraising needs.  Your group or cause receives 30% of online sales and you’ll also be helping men, women and children worldwide.  Through their unique and innovative online options, Delicate Fortress Creations proudly proclaims that they’re giving consumers “a fun and practical way to fight injustice in this world”.

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