Give the Gift of Socially Responsible Clothing from Krochet Kids International

Rebecca Daneault December 13, 2011
Give the Gift of Socially Responsible Clothing from Krochet Kids International

Krochet Kidssocially responsible products create a sustainable cycle of employment and empowerment for communities in need.  With the holiday season upon us, they are encouraging consumers to join them in their Give the Gift of LOVE initiative. Not only will your purchase of Krochet Kids socially responsible products make great gifts for your friends and family, but it will also be providing life-changing employment and education to individuals in need.  Don’t miss your opportunity to buy a hat and change a life.

Krochet Kids is a socially responsible clothing company with one goal in mind:  to empower people to rise above poverty.  The company was founded by a few young men who loved to design and wear their own crocheted hats, but were even more passionate about doing something to make a difference in the world around them.  They believe in quality, handmade products that not only bring comfort and style, but serve as a vehicle for social change.  They employ a number of highly skilled women from impoverished communities, empowering them to overcome poverty.

The Krochet Kids website offers a wide selection of socially responsible clothing and accessories, all handmade and fabulously unique.  Colorful hats and headwear, comfortably stylish clothing for men and women and even a few awesome accessories to pull the whole look together are all available for purchase through the Krochet Kids site and a select list of retailers.  If you want to really make a difference, request that the KK line be carried in a local store near you.  It’s really a simple way to make a huge impact.

Krochet Kids InternationalKrochet Kids International

Krochet Kids InternationalKrochet Kids InternationalKrochet Kids InternationalKrochet Kids International

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