Life Equals – Creating a Better World through One for One Vitamins

Rebecca Daneault December 20, 2011

Life Equals One for One vitamins

Life Equals is a one for one company that was founded on a simple but profound concept: a better you creates a better world.  Originally established by three friends who were simply seeking a healthy product that provided focus and energy without the added sugar and calories, the three quickly began to consider the impact they could have not just on those who took their supplements, but on the global community as a whole.  After discovering that multivitamins were both expensive and largely inaccessible in developing countries they created the one for one vitamins or LIFE=LIFE Project.  For every purchase made, Life Equals will provide an equal amount of children’s multivitamins to an undernourished child.

The Life Equals website features a variety of multi-vitamins and specialty supplements for purchase which help with everything from calm and serenity to focus and energy.  Visitors can also shop for men’s and women’s apparel that proudly boasts the Life Equals logo.  Feel better and show your support for this incredible one for one movement that is not just making a difference in the lives of those in need, but is working toward a healthier future for everyone involved.  The website even features a live ticker indicating the total amount of vitamins donated to date.

Through their valuable one for one initiative, Life Equals continues to strive to make the world a better place by empowering customers to live better lives and to also participate in the needs of our world.  It’s a simple yet powerful concept as stated on the website:  “As your life improves, you’re able to improve the world around you”.  LIFE=LIFE one vitamin at a time.

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