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Rebecca Daneault December 10, 2011


smile squared one for one toothbrush

The fact is kids across the globe lack basic oral hygiene simply because they don’t have a toothbrush.  Not only does this result in poor overall health, but it also affects the child’s confidence level.  When you purchase a toothbrush from Smile Squared, you can help save a smile by providing a child with the opportunity for clean, healthy teeth.  Through their website, visitors can participate in their one for one initiative by purchasing either an adult or child-sized brush.  For each brush purchased, Smile Squared will give one to a child in need.

Smile Squared one for one toothbrush

In addition to their one for one initiative, Smile Squared also focuses on protecting the environment by offering sustainable products that are crafted from biodegradable bamboo and boxed in biodegradable packaging.  The company’s goal is to help consumers purchase with purpose and truly make a difference with your everyday purchases.    If you’re looking for additional ways to help, you can also directly donate toothbrushes to a community in need by also giving the purchased Smile Squared toothbrush.

What started as a simple humanitarian trip to Central America in 2010 turned into the creation of a life-changing organization.  The founders of Smile Squared saw first-hand how much poor dental health can impact a child’s life and decided to do something to change that.  Thus began the Smile Squared one for one effort which promises that for every toothbrush purchased through them, a new toothbrush would be donated to a child in need.  It’s a simple concept that can make a huge impact and it’s saving smiles all over the globe.

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