Socially Responsible Clothing from Seer Outfitters

Rory Wehrlie December 6, 2011
Socially Responsible Clothing from Seer Outfitters

When it comes to socially responsible clothing, Seer Outfitters certainly knows a thing or two.  In fact, not only is the socially responsible clothing company structured with the sole purpose of giving back, but a full 100% of the profits they make go toward benefiting underprivileged children and those in need through activities like feeding the hungry, assisting the handicapped and supporting school programs.  Working directly with the Kyle Korver Foundation, Seer Outfitters sells stylish tops that not only look good, but help consumers do good at the same time.

Seer Outfitters offers an impressive selection of socially responsible clothing including hoodies, tee shirts and wovens, from fashionable pullovers to snazzy button-downs, in a variety of fashion-forward styles for both men and women.  Every time you purchase socially responsible shirts from Seer Outfitters your hard-earned money goes directly toward helping others in need and making a difference in communities across the country.  Even more importantly, every time you wear your socially responsible clothing you’ll be sharing your support of these worthy causes with others.  Socially responsible shopping shows you care and Seer Outfitters will make a great socially responsible gift!

According to the Kyle Korver Foundation website, the charity organization behind the Seer Outfitters line, a “seer” is a visionary or a prophet; someone who gives pictures or images for social change.  The Seer Organization was founded on these very principles as a means for others who want to make a difference but aren’t sure how do so.  Perhaps Seer’s slogan puts it best that when you purchase a socially responsible product or socially responsible clothing “you’re doing much more than buying clothing – you’re impacting a life”.

Seer Outfitters Socially Responsible ClothingSeer Outfitters Socially Responsible ClothingSeer Outfitters Socially Responsible Clothing



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