2012 Holiday Gift Guide Product Submission

2012 Holiday Gift Guide Product Submission Form

Please submit a socially responsible product to be featured in the 2012 Shop With Meaning Holiday Gift Guide. (Some people have experienced problems using Internet Explorer 9, please use another if you experience any problems)

**The Deadline for submissions is November 2nd 2012.**

  • Provide information about the product you are submitting. Since this is a Product Spotlight the information should be about that product. Please use the company name rather than pronouns like ‘I’, ‘we’, and ‘ours’.
  • How does your company support worthy social causes when someone purchases this product?
  • Your website must be able to accept the #ShopWithMeaning or ShopWithMeaning promo code for all products. Selecting Yes will enable us to promote your product even more!
  • Please select the product category that best describes the product.
  • Please select from the list below that best describes the type of cause supported.
  • Lifestyle image showcasing the product. Must be at least 610 pixels wide. (example)
  • Must be at least 610 pixels wide.
  • Please submit a photo of the work you are doing to support your social cause. Must be at least 610 pixels wide.
  • Tag this product. Relevant tags help suggest this product when a reader is viewing similar items.

    Examples: One for One, product name, product category, company, color. Please include at least 3 tags with as many as 10.

  • Include a link back to the product or your website
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.