AlphaPooch One for One Pet Beds – Buy a Bed, Give a Bed

Rebecca Daneault January 18, 2012
AlphaPooch One for One Pet Beds – Buy a Bed, Give a Bed

Every pet deserves a loving home and a cozy bed.  That’s what the folks at AlphaPooch believe and that’s why they launched their No More Bedless Pets one for one pet bed initiative.  Thousands of animals are biding their time in shelters across the country as they wait for someone to bring them home.  Unfortunately, many of these shelters lack the means to provide warm, comfortable beds for these animals.  Through the NMBP one for one pet beds program, when a customer buys a NMBP dog or cat bed via the group’s affiliate web store, a donation of a “Shelter Certified Pet Bed” will be made to a worthy pet shelter so that these homeless animals can wait in comfort.

Shoppers can select from a variety of one for one pet beds that are made from luxuriously soft Unreal Lambskin®, the industry’s premium synthetic fleece that is non-allergenic, stain resistant, and machine washable/dryer safe.  These beds provide the ideal combination of durability and comfort.  Better yet – they provide the comfort of knowing that with each purchase a homeless pet will also benefit.  In addition to one for one pet beds, AlphaPooch also markets a large variety of pet care products, including food bowls, crates and cleaning solutions.

Along with the No More Bedless Pets one for one pet beds program, AlphaPooch also donates a portion of their profits to pet-friendly causes.  15% of every purchase is donated to Best Friends Animal Society, an organization whose mission is to see a time when there are no more homeless animals.  Their tireless efforts and hard work has saved the lives of countless animals.  Those who want to join the movement can also do so by making a cash donation.  AlphaPooch makes it easy to make a difference in the life of a loveable animal so that no pet goes without.

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