Fabulous Handcrafted Fair Trade Gifts from MyMela

Rebecca Daneault January 26, 2012
Fabulous Handcrafted Fair Trade Gifts from MyMela

MyMela was founded by father and daughter team Navroze Mehta and Sonali Mehta-Rao, who embrace their Indian heritage and felt compelled to help the talented artisans of their home country to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.  Inspired by the Fair Trade and Micro Finance movements, MyMela has developed a business model tailored to the specific needs of India’s artisans as well as to the unique opportunities of an online marketplace. Through the sale of unique fair trade gifts, MyMela provides a global online market for Indian artisans, offers interest-free loans to these artisans, and reinvests 20% of profits into community improvement initiatives including education, healthcare, social service and vocational training projects.

The MyMela website is jam-packed with a variety of handcrafted fair trade gifts, from unique home décor items to furnishings to artwork and fair trade jewelry.  Vibrant colors, spectacular designs, bold fashion statements – all teeming with personality that will brighten your home, your wardrobe and your life.  Learn about the talented artisans behind these fair trade gifts and forge a personal connection with them through purchases and loans that allow them the opportunity to live with dignity while ensuring that they can continue to practice their traditional crafts.

The MyMela experience is a truly unique one – visitors can shop, learn, invest and grow while reaching out across the globe to form a new community committed to the survival of Indian crafts.  In addition to purchasing fair trade gifts through the MyMela website, you can choose to further ensure the long term viability of the artisans by offering them interest-free loans which are used to buy materials, make capital improvements or train other workers.  Lenders repaid with a 10% bonus in marketplace credits which can be used to shop or re-lend.  It’s an excellent way to celebrate the arts of India while helping to change lives.

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