Luxurious Socially Responsible Accessories from FreeFingers

Rebecca Daneault January 17, 2012
Luxurious Socially Responsible Accessories from FreeFingers

Founder of FreeFingers, Nina Wexler, has seen her fair share of hardships.  She is a cancer survivor with a passion for knitting who wanted to find a way to combine these two things into something that would make a difference in the lives of others.  And just like that, FreeFingers was born – an organization that sells handmade cashmere gloves from which 100% of the profits are donated to breast cancer research.  These socially responsible accessories are the perfect way to warm your hands, and your heart!

The socially responsible accessories available through FreeFingers are luxuriously made and fabulously unique.  In fact, no two are alike.  Choose from several colors, styles and patterns of gloves, all cleverly designed with an opening that leaves the fingers uncovered and free.  No more hassle of pulling your gloves off every time you want to use your smartphone!  Each pair is hand crafted with the utmost of care using only the best 8-ply cashmere so the wearer can experience warmth and divine comfort.  There are styles available for both men and women and they can be purchased either online through the Free Fingers website or at a number of participating retail establishments.

FreeFingers donates 100% of all profits to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), an organization whose funded research has helped save lives and significantly improved the quality of care and survivorship for tens of thousands of breast cancer patients in the past decade and a half.  By purchasing your socially responsible accessories through FreeFingers you can play a role in helping this incredible foundation as they work toward finding a cure once and for all.

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