Moral Fibers Fair Trade Clothes – Wear Art, Change Lives

Rebecca Daneault January 4, 2012
Moral Fibers Fair Trade Clothes – Wear Art, Change Lives

Through a unique line of hip, fashionable fair trade clothes, Moral Fibers gives artisans in developing countries the opportunity to overcome poverty by putting their creative abilities and talents to work for fashion.  Through Moral Fibers’ fair trade initiative, talented artists are provided with long-term, stable and sustainable work through which they can better themselves, their families and their communities.

Visitors to the Moral Fibers website can select from a line of brilliantly colored and uniquely designed t-shirt styles in sizes and fits for both men and women.  More importantly, the fair trade clothes from Moral Fibers is an ethical brand that doesn’t exploit those in the developing world, but rather works with them on a long-term basis to help them develop their skills and talents as artists.  As their website states, they don’t give handouts – they give opportunities.  And those opportunities are transformed into beautifully crafted fashion that is comfortable, stylish and of excellent quality.  In fact, Moral Fibers is so confident in the quality of their fair trade clothes, they even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

From a consumer’s standpoint, when you purchase your fair trade clothes from Moral Fibers, you get the comfort of knowing exactly who they’re helping and exactly how they’re helping them.  With the sale of just one line, the artist who created it receives almost four times Haiti’s national average salary, allowing them to adequately support their family.  Simply put, with Moral Fibers fair trade clothes you can wear art while you change lives.

Moral Fibers Fair Trade ClothingMoral Fibers Fair Trade ClothingMoral Fibers Fair Trade Clothing

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