Ocean-Inspired Eco Friendly Clothes from United By Blue

Rebecca Daneault January 20, 2012
Ocean-Inspired Eco Friendly Clothes from United By Blue

The green movement has made its way into so many of our lives and the difference it’s made on the land and our environment is immeasurable.  What we tend to forget about is the importance of our oceans as well.  The fact is overfishing is depleting our fish populations and the nearly 14 billion pounds of trash that finds its way to the ocean is helping to do away with the rest.  Enter the Blue Movement, a cause dedicated to preserving and protecting our world’s oceans and waterways. That’s why Brian Linton founded United by Blue, a company that markets eco friendly clothes that make a direct impact on ocean conservation efforts.

United by Blue offers consumers a wide selection of hip and stylish shirts, bags and jewelry that were designed with the sole purpose of helping to save our precious oceans.  The website features a number of unique one of a kind gifts and eco friendly clothes for both men and women, in colors and styles that were inspired by the weathered buildings found in harbor towns.  Not sure which eco friendly gift is the right choice?  United by Blue also sells gift cards so you can let your recipient decide.

What sets United by Blue apart from other eco friendly companies is the fact that they don’t just donate money.  Instead, for every eco friendly product sold, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through company organized and hosted cleanups.  In this way the company is able to make a real, measurable and immediate impact on ocean conservation efforts.  By purchasing your eco friendly clothes through United by Blue, you can also play a significant role in these efforts.  As the website reminds us, “No matter where we live, we have the power to make a difference in an underwater ecosystem thousands of miles away.”

United By Blue Eco Friendly Vintage Style

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