Proof Eyewear – Unique Wooden Eco Friendly Eyewear

Rebecca Daneault January 19, 2012
Proof Eyewear – Unique Wooden Eco Friendly Eyewear

Nothing pulls a look together like a chic pair of sunglasses.  The eco friendly eyewear from Proof Eyewear offers both style and a chance to make a positive impact on our fragile environment.  In fact, Proof is the first company in the industry to introduce a recycling program, using new and innovative ways to produce their products with recycled materials to reduce consumption and lessen their environmental impact.  What truly sets Proof Eyewear apart is that their eco friendly eyewear is all designed and manufactured using wood.  The result is an incredibly unique fashion statement that respects the earth’s precious resources.

The Proof Eyewear website offers an impressive selection of eco friendly eyewear to choose from, including sunglasses, prescription frames and even some eco friendly clothing that boasts the Proof logo.  The glasses are made with a variety of wood types, including ebony, lace wood and bamboo.  There are also plenty of different colors and styles so you can choose the perfect pair of eco friendly eyewear to suit your individual style and personality.  Most glasses also come with free wooden cases and a portion of each purchase goes toward providing sight-giving surgery to people in India.

Proof Eyewear only uses wood that is obtained from sustainable sources to make their eco friendly eyewear and are careful to do everything they can to protect this renewable resource.  In addition to producing eco friendly eyewear, Proof also works with local NGO’s in Haiti to help them replant trees and rebuild the country’s heavily depleted forests.  When you purchase your eco friendly eyewear from Proof Eyewear, not only will you look good in your stylish and unique wooden glasses, but you’ll also do good by helping to give back to the environment.

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