Socially Responsible Clothes from Sevenly

Rebecca Daneault January 9, 2012
Socially Responsible Clothes from Sevenly

The founders of Sevenly had a dilemma.  They wanted to do something to help those in need, but were faced with the difficulty of choosing which charity to support.  Globally, there are thousands of charities in every category imaginable, each a just and worthy cause.  The solution?  Support as many as possible, of course.  Through the sale of socially responsible clothes, Sevenly raises capital and awareness for a different charity every week of the year.  A portion of every purchase of Sevenly socially responsible clothes is donated to the designated weekly charity.

Each week a new limited edition design is unveiled which showcases the underlying charity it supports.  The eye-catching design is then turned into unique socially responsible clothes that are available for purchase through the Sevenly website for one week.  Visitors to the site can select from t-shirts and hoodies that show their support and desire to help change the world we live in.  The beauty of shopping Sevenly for your socially responsible clothes is the variety.  In one year alone you can help support up to 52 different charities!

Sevenly’s charity oriented model is simple yet highly effective.  They call it the “7-7 Movement”.  Each week a different charity is featured for 7 days.  During that time, $7 of every socially responsible clothing purchase made is set aside.  At the end of the 7 days, Sevenly totals everything up and sends a check to the designated cause.  The ultimate goal is to help people, fund worthy causes and offer charities the jump-start they need to keep changing the world.



Sevenly ClothingSevenly ClothingSevenly ClothingSevenly ClothingSevenly ClothingSevenly Clothing

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