Socially Responsible Wine from CellarThief – We’ll Drink to That!

Rebecca Daneault January 6, 2012
Socially Responsible Wine from CellarThief – We’ll Drink to That!

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur with exquisite taste, or simply someone who enjoys a smooth glass of vino after a hard day, the socially responsible wines from CellarThief offer both sophistication and quality at a great price.  More importantly, they provide the unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others with the simple purchase of a bottle of wine.  CellarThief’s founders felt compelled to help the nearly one billion people in the world that struggle to find enough clean water to stay healthy.  For every bottle of wine sold, CellarThief donates clean water to those in desperate need.  It’s a simple idea that has the potential to make a tremendous impact.

The selection of socially responsible wine available through CellarThief can vary and is refreshingly simple.  At any given time they only sell three different wines, which are differentiated by price, with wine #1 being geared more toward those special occasions, wine #2 more of an everyday wine and wine #3 being somewhat of a surprise.  The wines can be purchased in increments of 3, 6 and 12 bottles, each offered at a fantastically discounted price.

In addition to donating 100 days-worth of clean water for each bottle of socially responsible wine they sell, CellarThief also works closely with their wineries and suppliers to donate additional water whenever they sell out of the wines they feature.  They call this additional water “the bounty”, and when it is reached CellarThief donates an additional specified number of days of clean water for each bottle sold.  With some 42,000 people dying every week from a lack of clean, safe water, 90% of which are children 5 years old or younger, socially responsible initiatives such as this are critical.  So raise your glass and drink to a better world.  Cheers!

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