Sole the World with Lizzie Lou Shoes’ One for One Footwear

Rebecca Daneault January 31, 2012
Sole the World with Lizzie Lou Shoes’ One for One Footwear

Lizzie Lou Shoes was established in 2009 by a mother of three who wanted to find a way to stay home full time with her children.  Her vision was to create a line of high quality flip flops that were not only gorgeous to look at, but also practical and durable enough to withstand a woman’s busy lifestyle.  Shortly after launching the company, Lizzie Lou Shoes then began partnering with Soles4Souls, an organization that procures shoes and gets them to those in need.

Thus the Lizzie Lou one for one footwear program was born: for every pair of Lizzie Lou Shoes purchased, a pair of shoes will be sent to someone in need. The flip flops available through the Lizzie Lou Shoes website are not only beautiful, stylish and fun, but also extremely comfortable even if you spend hours a day on your feet.  The one for one footwear is hand embroidered on leather with a genuine crystals and because they are produced in new Delhi, India, the vibrant colors and styles of India can now be brought to the United States in a way that has never been seen before: in flip flops.

Better yet, because they are not mass produced and are made in small quantities, with new styles featured each season, each pair of Lizzie Lous is like a unique piece of art. Shoppers have the option of purchasing their one for one footwear either directly through the Lizzie Lou Shoes website, or through the handful of retail shops and online boutiques that also feature the Lizzie Lou flip flop line.  However you choose to purchase your Lizzie Lous, you’ll be changing the world one pair at a time.

Lizzie Sandals One for One Sandals

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