Sparkling Fresh Socially Responsible Clothes from One Hundred Apparel

Rebecca Daneault January 25, 2012
Sparkling Fresh Socially Responsible Clothes from One Hundred Apparel

Clean water is one of the most cost effective and simple ways to help people in developing countries and it’s something that can literally change someone’s life.  The folks at One Hundred Apparel have embraced this global need and vow to make a difference through the sale of their socially responsible clothes.  Their goal is to one day see a day when there is 100% clean water for 100% of the world.  One Hundred donates 100% from the profits from the sales of their socially responsible clothing to their non-profit partners with whom they are working to build clean water systems in developing countries.

The One Hundred website calls their line of socially responsible clothes “100% Sparkling Fresh Apparel”, a tribute to the organization’s namesake and cause.  Web visitors can purchase shirts, hoodies, accessories and other “goodies”, from which the profits will be turned into life-saving clean water for people in need across the globe.  Not in the market for any socially responsible clothes at the moment?  No problem – you can also make a monetary donation directly through the website to support this worthy organization.

One Hundred Apparel invites us to consider the fact that nearly 1 billion people in this world do not have access to clean, safe water.  That is one in seven.  Dirty water can have devastating effects, from dangerous bacterial infections to diseases to parasites and worse.  In fact, every year, 1.4 million children die from infectious diseases caused by consuming dirty water.  The good news is you can help put an end to these tragic statistics by purchasing your socially responsible clothing from One Hundred Apparel.

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