Feed Just One Socially Responsible Clothing Helps to End Global Hunger

Rebecca Daneault February 6, 2012

Feed Just One 1,000 Meals Donated

Update: The promotion ended 2/19/12 – Thanks to everyone that participated last week. You helped raise 1,000 meals for Rice Bowls from FeedJustOne.com!

Feed Just One was born out of the desire of one person who wanted desperately to stop world hunger but felt that just one person couldn’t possibly make a difference.  That is, until its founder came across a simple yet profound quote from Mother Theresa that said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”  It was at that moment that he decided that even if he couldn’t solve the entire problem he had absolutely no excuse for doing nothing at all.  He would “Feed Just One”.  And thus the socially responsible clothing organization was started, with the goal of helping others to Feed Just One person – today and every day.

Feed Just One’s socially responsible clothing initiative is simple.  Each month Feed Just One puts out a new t-shirt design which comes with several promotional items.  Each shirt sold feeds a child for one month.  Additionally, every item sold includes a donation to Rice Bowls, a non-profit organization which partners with orphanages around the world to provide their food budget so they can buy fresh food locally and support their communities.  Through socially responsible clothing, accessories, donations and partnerships, Feed Just One makes ending hunger accessible to anyone.  Feed Just One also donates one meal for each person that “likes” their page on Facebook. FeedJustOne Shirts  

Help Eliminate Hunger with Feed Just One and Rice Bowls

During the week of February 5th, 2012, Feed Just One is partnering with Rice Bowls and Shop With Meaning with the goal of helping to end hunger.  During the promotion period, Feed Just One will donate a meal to Rice Bowls for every Shop With Meaning social media share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.
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Feed Just One, Rice Bowls, Shop With MeaningFeed Just One, Rice Bowls, Shop With MeaningFeed Just One, Rice Bowls, Shop With MeaningFeed Just One, Rice Bowls, Shop With MeaningFeed Just One, Rice Bowls, Shop With Meaning

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