Pillows for Peace – Fair Trade Gifts from Oimei Co.

Rebecca Daneault February 14, 2012
Pillows for Peace – Fair Trade Gifts from Oimei Co.

Oimei Co. was founded in 2011 with the primary goal of empowering women to rise above poverty. After witnessing many poverty-stricken areas of Thailand, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia firsthand, founder Aimi Duong and her friend Fanny Huynh decided to use their creativity to source hand-woven textiles from rural artisans, at the same time supporting various peace building projects.  Oimei Co. markets its fair trade gifts to empower marginalized workers in developing communities to improve their standard of living.

The Oimei Co. website features several beautiful handmade pillows, crafted with home spun cloth and decorated with exquisite traditional embroidery.  The pillows – cleverly termed “Pillows for Peace” – come in a variety of vibrant colors, fabrics and designs, all hand crafted by talented artisans in Thailand.   These certified fair trade gifts are fabulously unique with designs available only in limited quantities.  It’s the perfect way to dress up your home and complete your décor while also helping enrich the lives of others across the globe.

Oimei Co. wants to spread the word about their beautiful fair trade gifts because with more demand for their products, the artisans behind them will be able to continue to earn a consistent income, enjoy a dignified life and flourish in their communities. In addition to the life-changing effects their fair trade gifts have on the artisans they employ, Oimei Co. also donates 50% of their net profits to charity peace building initiatives in developing communities and participates in various crowd funding campaigns to raise funds for the causes they support.  Buy a pillow for peace today and help Oimei Co. continue the important work they do.

Fair Trade PillowsFair Trade PillowsFair Trade Pillows

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