Socially Responsible Clothing that Doesn’t Care Who You Love

Rebecca Daneault February 8, 2012
Socially Responsible Clothing that Doesn’t Care Who You Love

Who You Love is a socially responsible clothing company that is determined to create an equal tomorrow. They believe everyone has the right to love, and that their message will never go out of style.  The Who You Love concept and apparel were born in the heart of New York, one of the nation’s most progressive cities. Who You Love’s goal is to start another revolution – a movement of people who will not tolerate mediocrity, and will continue to fight until we are all equal citizens of the world.

Visitors who wish to join this crusade can shop the Who You Love website where they will find a variety of socially responsible clothing items, from tanks and t-shirts to hoodies and other accessories.  The merchandise comes in a number of colors and styles, with designs for both men and women.  All of the socially responsible apparel from Who You Love boldly proclaims that the wearer doesn’t care “who you love”, and supports the underlying message that every person has the right to enjoy companionship with anyone they choose.

In addition to marketing socially responsible clothing, Who You Love is working hard, supporting and lobbying for same sex equality. Twenty percent of their net proceeds are donated to twelve hand selected LGBT charities that have pledged to support gay rights. This combines with the powerful statement of support and equality being made by every person who chooses to wear their socially responsible apparel, each of whom is doing their part to change this country for the better.  After all, love looks good on everyone.

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