Stylish and Useful Eco Friendly Bags and Accessories from RuMe Bags

Rebecca Daneault February 3, 2012

RuMe Eco Friendly Bags

True to its underlying roots, RuMe Bags (short for ReUseMe) was launched in 2008 on Earth Day.  It was founded in an effort to meet the growing need of environmentally conscious consumers who don’t want to (and shouldn’t have to) sacrifice style and functionality.  The resulting eco friendly accessories, customizable totes and bags, present the perfect solution for stylish people who care about the environment by offering sensible, affordable products that use less.

The eco friendly accessories available on the RuMe website include everything from mini bags to exclusive bag collections to gift sets and more, in a huge variety of colors, styles, patterns and materials.  There is also the option to “create your own RuMe”, through which you can use photographs, monograms, doodles and artwork as well as a “create your own iPhone case” option so you can design your own unique eco friendly accessories.  If you prefer to purchase your RuMe bag in person, the website offers a list of retailers across the U.S. that carry the RuMe products.

The folks at RuMe believe that everyone shares a responsibility toward protecting the environment.   As such, they offer consumers the opportunity to make a difference with a simple purchase.  RuMe’s eco friendly products are also manufactured under strict fair trade practices and are as stylish as they are useful.  In addition to their eco friendly accessories, with each new product line RuMe will also dedicate a portion of its proceeds to a social or environmental cause.  It’s a great way to turn a simple, stylish purchase into an environmental statement and have a positive impact on the world around us.

Eco Friendly Bags from RuMe Eco Friendly BagsEco Friendly Bags from RuMe Eco Friendly Bags

Eco Friendly Bags from RuMe Eco Friendly BagsEco Friendly Bags from RuMe Eco Friendly Bags

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