Twice as Warm - One for One Accessories to Warm your Body and your Heart

Rebecca Daneault February 10, 2012
Twice as Warm	- One for One Accessories to Warm your Body and your Heart

Twice as Warm was born with a mission to provide new clothing to people in need.  After discovering that much of the used clothing that is donated to homeless shelters is unwearable, founder Brian Lieberman set out to create a sustainable way of providing new clothing to people in need.  To achieve this goal, he created Twice as Warm under a buy one, give one model.   For every Twice as Warm item you purchase, an identical one for one accessory will be given to a person in need on your behalf.   Their mission is to provide warmth, hope, and support to children and families in need.

The Twice as Warm website features a number of one for one accessories that are geared toward the cold weather and winter season.  Right now they are offering several warm and cozy winter one for one accessories for sale including scarves, hats and gloves.  The products provide a way to keep warm while also keeping someone in need warm with the same item.  It’s a simple concept that’s already having a significant impact.  In fact, as of December 24th, 2011 Twice as Warm has given 364 winter clothing items to people in need.

As the Twice as Warm website states, homelessness is an extremely difficult and complicated issue, and while the warm clothing they provide will not end a person’s state of homelessness, it certainly will help them stay warm for the time being, and it will provide that person with some hope, love, and the knowledge that someone cares about them. Spreading warmth, love and care to those in need, that’s what Twice as Warm’s one for one accessories are all about.

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