Benson Backpacks – Socially Responsible Backpacks for Education

Rebecca Daneault March 8, 2012
Benson Backpacks – Socially Responsible Backpacks for Education

The idea for Benson Backpacks came from the inspiration founder Matthew Clough received during a climb up mighty Mount Kilimanjaro.  During his 6 day adventure, Matthew was struck by how optimistic his porter Benson was – especially after he learned that this hard working man only made about $1 to $2 a day, not nearly enough to provide his children with an education. This sobering fact inspired Matthew to launch Benson Backpacks, through which he would market socially responsible backpacks that would help ensure the children of Tanzania would receive the opportunity to get the education they deserve.

The unique design of Benson Backpacks combines the style of a traditional school backpack with the rugged look of a ruck sack.  The resulting socially responsible backpacks are utilitarian yet stylish.  They currently come in three colors: black stonewashed denim, charcoal denim and natural denim.  A portion of the proceeds from each socially responsible backpack purchase goes directly to supporting children’s education programs in Tanzania, which includes tuition assistance, school supplies and meals.

Benson Backpacks partners with the Knock Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to creating opportunities for underserved populations in the developing world.  Their educational programs include the construction of much-needed schools and student support through tuition and supplies.  Benson Backpacks donates $10 from the sale of each of their socially responsible backpacks to the Knock Foundation, money which goes directly to help the children of Tanzania receive the education they need to enjoy a happy and successful future.

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