Indosole’s Soles with Soul – Uniquely Awesome Eco-Friendly Footwear

Rebecca Daneault March 2, 2012
Indosole’s Soles with Soul – Uniquely Awesome Eco-Friendly Footwear

Did you know that it can take thousands of years for a single motorbike tire to decompose in a landfill?  What this equates to is a ton of waste and pollution and it’s having a tremendous impact on our fragile environment.  The founders of IndoSole recognized this devastating statistic and wanted to make a difference.  Thus the concept of eco-friendly footwear designed from the tread of motorbike tires that were discarded in Indonesian landfills was born.  The result is stylish, eco-friendly footwear that truly makes an impact on conservation efforts.  In fact, just two pair of IndoSole shoes saves one tire from a landfill.

Eco Friendly ShoesThe eco-friendly footwear from IndoSole include stylish flip flops, comfortable slip-on beach shoes and fashionable boat shoes and is available in sizes and styles for both men and women.  The materials used in IndoSole products are all sourced from within the country of Indonesia.  Old motorbike tires are salvaged directly from landfills, sanitized, and transformed into fashionable and functional eco-friendly footwear.  Each pair is hand-crafted by talented Balinese artisans making them unique and one-of-a-kind fashion statements.

The IndoSole name embodies a lifestyle of its own – one which promotes a clean and conventional approach to the products we all use in our daily lives.  They call it simply resourceful living.  Through IndoSole’s unique eco-friendly footwear concept, we can all play a role in re-purposing, re-imagining and re-birthing our environment and truly make a difference.  The company’s tag line is simple: soles with soul.  Join them in their quest to save one million tires from Indonesian landfills and get some pretty cool kicks while you’re at it.

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