Light Gives Heat – Socially Responsible Accessories that Fuse Fashion with Hope

Rebecca Daneault March 9, 2012
Light Gives Heat – Socially Responsible Accessories that Fuse Fashion with Hope

What began as a personal quest to adopt their second child, turned into an all-encompassing passion to help the people of Uganda for Light Gives Heat founders Dave and Morgan Hansow.  In 2007, the couple packed up their family, rented their home and moved to Uganda, where they listened and learned about the real problems people were facing there and developed a plan to help.  Thus Light Gives Heat was born, an initiative through which talented women of Uganda create and market unique socially responsible accessories including jewelry and handbags.  They have found a way to fuse fashion with hope.

The Light Gives Heat website features a line of socially responsible accessories titled SUUBI, which includes beautiful handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even a few stylish t-shirts that help spread the word of hope for a brighter future for the people of Uganda.  Their EPOH line of socially responsible accessories includes brilliantly designed handmade handbags that are created with recycled or upcycled material.  Each of the socially responsible accessories from Light Gives Heat comes packaged in a beautiful box or bag that tells the story behind it to help remind the purchaser that each product is handcrafted with value and dignity.

Through the sale of stylish, one-of-a-kind socially responsible accessories, Light Gives Heat is creating dependable incomes, while also teaching pattern making, sewing techniques and other technical skills that will serve the people of Uganda well into the future.  Aside from purchasing their socially responsible accessories, you can also volunteer or donate directly to the cause.  However you choose to get involved, Light Gives Heat is a worthy cause that is actively making a change in this world.

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