Mend – Fair Trade Accessories that Change Lives

Rebecca Daneault March 29, 2012
Mend – Fair Trade Accessories that Change Lives

Social media has recently brought to the forefront startling news about Joseph Kony, a rebel leader in Central Africa who has been abducting and exploiting children for decades.  The 17 seamstresses supported by Mend are former abductees of Kony, who were forced to become child soldiers or wives.  Mend was founded in an attempt to aid these women in their journey to become independent, contributing members of their communities through the sale of beautiful handmade fair trade accessories.

The bags designed by the seamstresses of Mend are hand stitched with love.  They are made of high quality materials and are both stylish and unique, making them the perfect complement to any wardrobe.  These fair trade accessories are designed to seam a personal connection between the products, their makers and the consumers who purchase them. Every Mend handbag has its own story and each product carries the name of the seamstress who made it.  The purchaser can then visit the Mend website and view that seamstress’s online profile, and get a glimpse into her life.  Through video bios and photos, she will share how she is “on the Mend”, just because of a simple purchase.

The purpose behind the fair trade accessories from Mend is to provide sustainable social and financial impact. In addition to teaching them a marketable skill, Mend also emphasizes building a life for the seamstresses outside of work as well, through education and counseling.  They receive lessons in skills like literacy and budgeting, and are assisted in developing sustainable, income-generating activities for the future. The seamstresses have been able to open up savings accounts, which allow them to receive adequate medical care and fund the education of their children. Purchase your fair trade accessories from Mend and help the vulnerable women of Uganda “mend” their lives and plan for a bright future.

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