Plant Seeds of Hope with Socially Responsible T-Shirts from Light of Mine Tees

Rebecca Daneault March 28, 2012

Seeds of Hope

Light of Mine Tees bills itself as a clothing company with a conscience.  It was founded out of a “deep-seeded” love for people around the world and the desire to make an impact in the lives of those suffering from hunger.  Rather than just donate money, however, the folks at Light of Mine wanted to help in a more sustainable way.  The compromise they came up with is simple: for every socially responsible t-shirt they sell, Light of Mine Tees will donate a pound of seed to be planted and harvested to feed the hungry.

The socially responsible t-shirts available on the Light of Mine Tees website come in women’s, men’s and youth sizes and each one features the simple, yet powerful, Light of Mine logo.  The shirts are made from high quality, organic materials and provide the perfect opportunity for the wearer to both show their support for the underlying cause and to use them as conversation starters, to spread the word and help Light of Mine Tees plant seeds of hope throughout the world.

Light of Mine Tees works with several giving partners to help carry out their mission of eliminating world hunger, including Global Aid Network and the Salvation Army.  Their unique model of donating seed empowers people to help themselves and creates sustainable development in the places struggling hardest in the fight against hunger. Through the sale of socially responsible t-shirts, Light of Mine Tees is also providing everyday consumers with the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others with one simple purchase.

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