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Rory Wehrlie March 5, 2012

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TOMS Shoes Ballet Flats

TOMS Shoes Ballet Flats were just released and it has everyone excited for the latest line of shoes from TOMS. The extensive TOMS one for one product line has expanded again with the offering of the TOMS Ballet Flats for women.  These stylish slip-ons combine eye-catching fashion with luxurious comfort. TOMS Ballet Flats one for one shoes are the perfect addition to any outfit – dress up your casual digs or accentuate your glamorous look.  TOMS Ballet Flats also make excellent conversation pieces, providing the perfect opportunity to talk about this worthy cause and proudly show your support.  Add some pizzazz to your life with a new pair of TOMS Ballet Flats and help make a difference for a child in need.

The new ballet flats are available in a range of colors and are made of several different materials including leather, suede, linen and burlap. There is also the dual-tone color scheme burlap flats – with heel patch and toe cap accents – highlight the simple, contemporary pairing of burlap and canvas.

TOMS Shoes Ballet Flats Photos


How Much Do the TOMS Ballet Flats Cost?

So you love the shoes, but you want to know how much these TOMS Ballet Flats cost? They range from $74 to $84.  The Natalia line of Linen Ballet Flats is $74. Most of the other styles are $79, except for the Camilia Black Leather Ballet Flat which is $84.

TOMS Shoes One for One Model

As with all TOMS Shoes, with every pair of ballet flats purchased, the company will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need – Buy One Give One Shoes.

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