End Human Trafficking with Socially Responsible Jewelry from Senhoa

Rebecca Daneault April 26, 2012
End Human Trafficking with Socially Responsible Jewelry from Senhoa

The folks at Senhoa believe that disadvantaged communities should be free from oppression, poverty and discrimination; should have equal access to education; and should be empowered to fulfill their life goals and aspirations with the same opportunities as everyone else. They back this belief by marketing unique socially responsible jewelry, through which they provide income-generating opportunities, social reintegration and programs for self-empowerment for victims of human trafficking.

The Senhoa website features a storefront where consumers can shop for exquisite socially responsible jewelry items. Choose from a selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, rings and more – all designed and handcrafted by talented women who were rescued from a life of slavery and despair. The collections available through Senhoa combine modern style with timeless elegance to provide unique pieces designed to add the perfect touch to any wardrobe. Make a difference in the lives of others while looking fabulously fashionable with your socially responsible jewelry from Senhoa.

Senhoa takes the rehabilitation of women rescued from slavery a step further, providing them with ongoing, sustainable solutions that will help them rebuild their lives. Through the sale of their socially responsible jewelry, Senhoa provides employment as a way for vulnerable women to gain economic independence, facilitates educational and social programs for intellectual empowerment, and uses business sensibilities to achieve humanitarian goals. The profits they make are then given back to the communities in which they work, furthering their efforts and truly changing lives.

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