Fashion for a Cause – Socially Responsible Clothing from I Am a Star

Rebecca Daneault April 28, 2012

I am a Star

I Am a Star is a grassroots movement that has one mission: to help the people of Somalia survive the food crisis they are currently suffering from, and rebuild their lives. The famine and drought in Somalia are a growing problem, and it won’t fix itself. People simply must take action if those suffering are to recover and prosper. Through the sale of socially responsible clothing, I Am a Star aims to do just that, providing relief in Somalia, and raising awareness about a unique culture of poets, artists, innovators, mothers, fathers, children, farmers and businesspeople. More importantly, human beings – each one, a star in his or her own right. Now you can be a star too!

Consumers can purchase socially responsible clothing from the I Am a Star website, which features crewnecks, long-sleeved tees, v-necks, children’s shirts and onesies. Each item features either the bold “I Am a Star” logo or the word “Somalia” with a star cleverly replacing the letter “o”. Each design serves the purpose of getting the attention of others so that awareness about this worthy cause can be spread. With I Am a Star’s socially responsible clothing, you can help families in Somalia and look good while doing it. It’s fashion for a cause.

The idea behind the I Am a Star campaign is simple. As the website puts it, when we take action and use our creativity to help others, each one of us is a star! The campaign is backed by the American Refugee Committee, an international humanitarian relief agency that’s been working with refugees and displaced people for more than 30 years. By purchasing your socially responsible clothing through I Am a Star, you can join the many friends and neighbors who are doing their part to actively make a difference for Somalia.

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