Less is More with Socially Responsible Medication from Help Remedies

Rebecca Daneault April 24, 2012
Less is More with Socially Responsible Medication from Help Remedies

The concept behind Help Remedies lies in the tendency of the drug industry to overindulge consumers. Instead of simply marketing a medication that combats a particular problem, consumers are constantly being convinced to buy more powerful products that often contain more than they need to solve their ailments. Not to mention the fancy packaging and unnecessary colors and coatings. Help Remedies produces socially responsible medication that is simple – from the ingredients to the packaging. Instead of promising consumers more, they’re promising less. And in this case, less is more.

The Help line of socially responsible medication includes products that combat everything from headaches to chest congestion to allergies to blisters. Unlike mainstream medication, all of the Help products are made with just a single active ingredient. For instance, “Help – I have a headache” contains only acetaminophen, whereas some other kinds of headache medicines may contain two or three active ingredients. Each socially responsible medication is titled after the specific symptom it is meant to solve (i.e. “Help – I can’t sleep”), instead of a brand name, so that consumers understand exactly what they’re taking and for what.

Not only does Help Remedies aim to reduce waste and the consumption of unnecessary medical ingredients, but they’ve also made a commitment to give back. 5% of the profits from their socially responsible medication is donated to organizations that help make sure US children without health insurance get access to adequate healthcare. Additionally, all of the Help packaging is made of paper pulp and a cornstarch-based plastic, which is much more eco friendly. When you purchase your socially responsible medication from Help Remedies, you’re helping yourself and also helping the world.

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